Welcome to Data Enterprises

Data enterprise had started on 7th July 2012. Its main motive was to do somethings innovative and chip. So, we which my friend (Deep, Asha) fully cooperated me.

So, we had started designing the charger and given the name D.K.S.T then after that started connector, CFL etc. Nowadays these names sound familiar because it so cheap and long lasting and we will find in the every village and city. Now a day, we are used to Android, to keep that in mind, we had started the production of 2 ampere charger & it is very famous in these areas like Nalanda, Gaya, Nawada, and Patna & Jahanabaad.

My main motive is to promote this product to the people. A part form this, you will also get other part and accessories of mobile.

We are happy to inform you that we have organized the assembly unit of D.K.S.T on 31st March 2017 in Bihar.

The main quality of this unit is for giving better quality to our state and nation. We assure that These products is developed by qualified technician and qualities charger.

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